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Solving Everyday Business needs for lawyers and in-house legal officers (General Counsel)

Our Background

At Enfinite, we provide a digital legal platform for all organizations in Kenya (and soon across Africa) that run legal operations (i.e. law firms and in-house legal departments) with a set of tools to help them manage their business better, save time and cost, which increases the overall efficiency of the organizations.

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Our success is built on continuous dedication and innovation, offering unique, business driven, scalable, and robust turnkey solutions.


Comprehensive, easy-to-use legal management software for the modern law firm.

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Provides a simple way to manage files, outside legal counsels, progress, fee notes etc

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Provids tools you need to improve organization, increase efficiency, and scale your firm operations.

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Offers a simple, powerful, and secure way for you to get your contracts under control.

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Analyze data to help Firms in decision making, predict trends and improve efficiency.

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Consolidates your Governance, Risk & Compliance program on a single cloud-based platform.

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Solving Everyday Business needs for lawyers and in-house legal officers

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